Extremely effective / best defense setup / base for town hall level 6 in clash of clans!! This is my favorite layout strategy for base / yard / village / cam…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

yeah, i just tested that tool at:
and it worked for me too, i got 76000jems´╗┐

Can someone help with my army camp comp?

I run:
1 healer
4 wall breakers
3 goblins
24 barbs
16 archers
5 wizards
10 giants
1 heal spell
1 lightning spell

Everything besides healer is lv3, lightning soon to be 4

Good or not? Or any tips?´╗┐

No no no, splash goes on outside, troops die faster, but they both work,
cannons need to be protected by wizard towers and that’s like invisible ­čśÇ
I understand if you disagree´╗┐

I copied this base few hours ago,
I will tell you guys how it goes!
“I had maxed out everything already”.
For now I have won the first attack with 23% being destroyed and losing non
of the loot. ´╗┐

My cousin told me a trick how to getGems,
just go to:
and whatch yor base grow, like the top pplayers´╗┐

I swear you have more walls then me. But I’ve checked like 2 time I’m maxed
in walls for th6, I can’t place as much you have.´╗┐

I have a Town Hall 6 and I’m REALLY BAD at raiding… well enough to get 1
star on a raid. I’m starting to think it’s my army comp, I’m using about
10-11 Giants, 2 Healers, 4 Wall Breakers, and the rest Archers and
Barbarians, all max. Is there another comp I can do to help me or is this
one the best?? Plzzzzz help!!!!! (I’m Silver 2)´╗┐

No offence land, this attack is very expensive. With 1 lvl 3 lightning
spell plus 12 balloons and the rest archs and barbs in a 125 troop space,
it is over total 62000 elix! Very expensive! and for high trophy ppl it is
hard to find a lvl 6 or 7 th with a low and exposed air defence. Just

I just got to town level 6 and I just set up my defense to match this. I
hope this works well for me. ´╗┐

Switch bottom left cannon with the elixer storage in bottom center. And
switch clan castle with elixer storage at the top.´╗┐

My cousin told me a trick how to getGems,
just go to:
and whatch yor base grow, like the top pplayers´╗┐

What’s the name of that song I know it’s dunstep but what’s the artist´╗┐

My favorite attack strategy:1 Healer,4 wizards,10 giants,40 barbarians,5
wallbreakers,5 goblins.´╗┐

I did this exact attack strategy, and my balloons all got shot down by
wizard/archer towers´╗┐

take that th out place air defense in center and bring another storage in =
100% better :)´╗┐

Balloons are so God awful… especially for how long they take. They get a
bad wrap, because they are bad lol´╗┐