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Anyone up for new CLAN
JOIN >>> Fair Assassins <<<
Only Lvl 25+ or TH LVL 5-7(to keep clan wars fair and balanced)
First 2 get elder position and if Lvl 7 then Co-Leader

Friends, If You Need ExtraG emss Go To:
found it here: *> *
*** `*
*It’s Simple, Just Enter Your CoC User, No Pas sword Needed, No D0wnload* I
Have Now More Than 50 000 Ge ms

Can you do a tour of your clan? You can visit each base in your clan, say
what you think about them, say how they can get better, and more. #AskOv
What is the funniest joke you ever heard?

Good job masterov !! I love your videos!!!! My clan does so many wars and
I’m a noob and I’ve been getting 6 of 6 stars lately and I’m a noob
shoutout plz

I am in a clan that has won 74 wars. It is called Ubu Roi for anyone who
wants to join. That out of the way, does anyone have an opinion on the best
strategy for a war attack? (full dragons excluded).

Master ov u rock I would love to talk to you and could you have an account
to around to clans to talk about attacks and stuff like that I would really
love to say hi to you and c u in person.

Thanx clash roCKs!!!!!!!!!

I watch ur videos daily and I love them I like them if I get to the top
five subs can I pls join ur clan pls I love ur videos ur awesome all I want
is to be in a clan with u and talk to u a lot I no im silver 3 but I love
ur clan and ur videos pls pls pls pls 

Master Ov is it ok if i join you’re clan?
If so please reply as soon as possible
Status :
Lvl 63