Clash of Clans Attacks – Lava Hound! The Clash of Clans update is here! Lava Hounds are in the sky, and although they don’t do a lot of damage- they can still be VERY useful! In today’s episode…

Hounds are pointless without any troops backing them up. Disagree? what
would you expect from a troop that does 10 damage per second soaking up
hits for nothing in the center of the base. Probably the reason why people
say that it sucks…

Galadon, you didn’t mention the heros having much quicker heal times. I
think it is half the time. That is my favorite part of the update!

hmm well if the hound is the new flying golem .. then I guess it time for
the king and queen to get flying ability :p.. maybe in next update ..but
for now hound is a useless troop .. 

i did a raid with lava hounds and i got to 49 pct and forgot my queen and
all i had was a barb king smashing a wall lol

I am no expert at this, but i think with lava hounds bases you attack are
going to be more selective. For example, the lava hounds die way too
quickly if you’re dropping it into a kill box. It is simply too
inefficient. There may be 2 ways to approach this, one is to do what you
did in your first raid, use the lava hounds to trigger traps and distract
archer towers while loons rage and destroy majority of the air defenses and
archer towers on a side, then the dragons survive long enough under the
weakened defenses to get the town hall and two star. The other method would
be to use waves of lava hounds and minions to clear the 50% and possibly
the town hall. Good video as always gallydon! Just wondering if you’re
gonna use them as defensive cc troops.

Any tips on how to use lava hounds for town hall 9s Galadon?
[Im thinking 2 Hounds, 5 dragons, 10 balloons, 5 minions + Heros lv 10/6]