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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

I’ve heard of this attack and you are supposed to put the drags first so
they can distract defenses while balloons take them out

Galadon, do you remember me from Norsk global? My name was Repleh. I
remember you going out saying “Full attack.”

Galadon I was just wondering how long have you been playing clash of clans.
Btw great video!

Great job Galadon! Its awesome seeing how big your channel has grown! I’ve
been subscribed since you had about 9000 subscribers :D

Good attack galadon i remember about 2 weeks ago you were at 65,000 subs
your growing fast and I watched the end of the video so I’m your
favorite!!! I always look forward to your videos every time i tap that
YouTube app 

i think you should use this combo: Balloons and Wallbreakers… I wonder
what you would call that ;)

Some hogs please.. After that godson troops spotlight for the hogs try ur
best galladon ;)