This is the best beginner walkthrough / guide with tips, hints, and tricks and gameplay for starting out in Clash of Clans with everything you need / want to…

And I have town hall level 5 when I got clash of clans I never went to this
video the reason I went to this video is to watch something because there’s
nothing to do

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Im a begginer at Clash Of Clans ( Town hall Level 4 ) and I have just
started posting some content on my channel. Please check out my Town hall
level 4 75K+ Raid on my channel. It would mean alot.

How do you have 2 accounts on clash of clans? when i try to make a new
apple-id/gamecenter it just log me in on my main clash of clan base/user!
Please answer someone :3

if your shield is down can super high lvls come and raid your town too? or
is there a lvl restriction of who can come attack you

Noob here – how do you “aim”? I want my troops to attack a cannon, but
they end up going for a town hall. How do I select a target? iPhone 5S

wait i don’t know how to attack an enemies cannons or archer towers because
no matter where i press on the screen it always wants to attack the
unharmful stuff first??? usually happens when there are walls protecting
the cannons. maybe some advice?