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just wondering, how is it farming if you used that much healer and spells.
it cost you probably almost 200k elixir for that. barching is still the

bad strategy, it takes a lot of time and a lot of elixir to build, there’s
more efficient, faster, cheap strategies for farming.

Farming is using as less as possible elixir and win much but healers are
not cheap…

Hey wiggy it’s moleboy! Since you kicked me i started up my own base
builder channel, its 5 days old and has 107 subs :D

I just love the amount of people who take this game very seriously. It
makes me laugh.

8 healers are more than enough. Also when using this strategy, its good to
bring around 5 hogs 

Tried it before, failed miserable with a lvl5 queen :( Don’t think I’ve
tried it with max healers and post-update low level hero buff though