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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Lol all i have to say every video is. – Nice vid! (Because its true!!!!!)

Galadon i just tweeted u pls reply my twitter name is aiyoaliyann pls reply
i made twitter so i can communicste wif yu

Nice one Galadon bro………xD

Errrm…I got a favor to ask you ><

Can you create an official Lost Phoenix Group in Facebook? So that all of
the members of LP can join in and interact freely with each other besides
talking about CoC all day long :)

-LP5 Griffin

Awesome attack Galadon! Maybe in a few days or so we can see some
post-update war attacks? I want to see how the new heroes fare in war, as I
haven’t had a war since the update. Another good hero-related idea for a
video would be Heroes: From Fail to Win ;)

Hey Galadon if you see this i’m quenafno from LP4 Hercules it was epic to
meet you

Do you have any videos or advice for a th9 player getting 2 stars on
mid-level th10s with infernos?

Galadon, I want to see some base builds…. Particularly those of
Spencer23$….. His base designs seem to come out of a unicorn’s brain….
Not that I have anything against unicorns….

Hahaha for once you get lucky! I thought for sure u would end up with 48%
but this is much better