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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Hi bro, can I know what program or apps do u use to video down the game
while playing? can pls kindly share ur knowledge? cheers!

I usually use dragons differently… I’ve seen people deploy them like this
but I prefer to clean up two sides with barba king, CC troops and a few
dragons, and place all my drags in a V shape. I don’t feel safe placing the
drags all together because you have little control over where they go and
they might just go off to the sides and not destroy the TH or the air
defenses… my opinion

Paying 360k + elixer for 1 army … is bit over priced , dont think you
will get that back in just 1 raid , you will end up losing alot of elixer
if you do this type of raiding everytime…

Balloon raids are as effective if not better. Same strategy but they target
the defenses first. Then you can use a few wizards to clean up the rest.
Not to mention that it is cheaper. 

They are just awesome! I use them mostly in clan wars, because you get like
200-300k of loot.