Clash of Clans best defense strategies for Townhall Level 6 bases! Make sure you max out Town Hall 6 for best defense & attacks! Especially the TownHall 6 Farming Defense Strategy! COMMENT:…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Check my base everyone I’m town hall 6 almost maxed just need walls and
barracks and army camps it’s AWESOME I’m in the clan SHADOW THIEF you will
find me there

Appnana – enter the code j3934469, it can help both of us prizes and it can
help everyone

At townhall3+ u can go to any league all u gotta do is townhall snipe but
only LOSERS do it

Yeah I wish I was popular and I could just tell everyone to go to app
bounty and type in my invite code so I don’t have to do any work 

And Matt, you can get masters at townhall 2. I’ve seen it so if a th 2 can
a th 6 can