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You forgot to say the gem box,it spawns randomly around your village,and
you remove it for 500 coins I think,and I got like 20
Gems or so.

boosting is waste?
for 11gems
Buying gold:
200, 250
Gold diffrence:
56, 250
Gem diffrence:
(For me its the better way to boost, i think)
So like i think buying resources is waste.
Explain why not you don’t think so!

boosting with gold and elixer,the only time u do that is when its only 1gen
to boost them

playclashofclans could you help me?
I bought a iTunes give card because most people said to do that and when I
just go to clash of clans and click redeem it don’t work

when i will buy gems its a error i going to my homescreen when i puch a
pack of gems plzzz help me

i have 4 builders huts.. I know you said that you should get all 5, but i
don’t even use 4 at a time!! stuff is just to expensive for me at this
point! how can it possibly be more effective to buy resources than to

If you want 99999 of them, you will need to use this tool:

*GETCLASHGEMS.C0M.* type it manually for avoid being detected
100% works

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