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He is attacking without putting troops down it let’s you back out half way
through and keep the attacks same on normal attacks too

People can do this but it doesn’t show it, the swords are slower if they
are raiding its faster if they are looking at who they should attack

Hey he isn’t glitching I found that out to all he is doing is clicking
attack then ending it he isn’t attacking then going to reset his internet
because my phone died one time and I still did an attack he is just
“scouting” he is just using the attack button instead of scout

I can’t find your clan, especially since there’s like 40 different coc
elite clans. I just left my clan.

Yo Jamie, if the other player goes to scout your clan bases it show as if
he is attacking, he inst actually attacking the base tho!

he obviously just wasn’t putting down troops and was scouting your base.
you have no proof and this is a lie. 

hey jamie ive been watching your vids for a while now and no offence m8 but
i think you should go back to cod glitching tutorial vidios you had more
like and more veiws and alot more people prefere them:)