GoVaPe seems like it can be effective against certains bases in Clash of Clans – check it out! ———————————- Read More —————–…

For TH8 max army camps (200 capacity) I got 3 stars on both attacks for my
Clan War this war. I used 8 Giants, 8 Wizards, 8 WallBreakers and the rest
equal parts of Barbarians and Archers. For spells I used 2 heal and the
rage was not needed. I also used my Level 1 Barbarian King. (I was also
kindly gifted 4 level 4 hogs from a clan member)
Barbarians level 5
Archers level 4 (currently going to 5)
Giants level 4
Wizards level 4
WallBreakers level 4

I have only 180 troops capacity but try tu upgrade this for u. (Im th8 so
im not sure does this work th9-10
-45 minions

2 rage spells and lighting spell

This attack is so expensive.

What’s the best and cheapest attack for trophy pushing?

Can you do a strategy guide on all of the popular strategies? GoWiPe,
GoWiWi, and GoWiWiPe? Also hogs after the update? Thanks Chief Pat!

Show us a GiWipe(Giants, Wizards, and Pekkas). It’s meant for lower level
players. Thank You and keep up the great Vids!

This attack strategy could accidentally be called “GoRaPe”. I hope I don’t
say that on accident

I got an army comp, GoRaPe. golems, all rage spells, and pekka. Rest
wallbreakers and wiz