Device must be jailbroken This mod includes the following: *Unlimited resources, just get some by your mines and pumps *Unlimited gems, to use buy something …

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Dear Tas, you are obviously retarded. This hack might be fake but look at
Call Of Duties, they’re multi billion dollar companies which are hacked

People an hacks, they dont work. They are all photoshop, Surveys, fake
generators or Password stealers. Just play the game, supercell is a 5
billion dollar company, im sure they patched every nook and cranny for
hacking. If you even try a hack, and it asks for a survey, its fake. Also,
there os websites online to get people to say Nice hack, or it works. Dont
trust them! 

Guys it’s really easy to install it says it all in the description!!! And
for those who don’t know what their doing look up jailbreaking ios on

Plus this is outdated and doesn’t work anymore. I tried it, and nothing