So ive been pushing cups recently and ive noticed when my heores have at least 80% health before the battle ends. they appear at my base will full health… …

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Guys just press the button on your king or queen and tap the little
info(ability) button and then there it says when you use the ability you
get a certain amount of health

Actually this video clip came from a replay, the actual game footage
could’ve been like 15 minutes ago so when he clicked “Return Home” the
archer queen was already healed.

Maybe it’s because you used her ability when she was at full health then
she hit a giant bomb. When the update came out for the heros it stated:she
can still hit traps so that must be why

Yes.. this has happened to me. Mind leaving some tips on my channel Godson?
It would make my day. ;)

A new tweak that costs you less gems? You think supercell actually would do
something that would earn them less money?! That’s all they care about not
us or even the game just money! IMO it’s a flitch

I noticed that too! My king lost about 1/5 of his health and I came back to
no sleeping hero!

I am no expert but i have noticed when i go into battle and my troops are
pre training my barbs and archers when i come back from the 15 min of
searching the troops are trained to 15 min worth of barbs and archers i
think it is the same deal with the heros but when u are searching it auto
trains up ur troops and heals ur heros like normal however if u don’t
attack then of course it will be how it was but if u do then when u come
back they will be healed or trained i noticed it iswell xD loving it for my

All they need to do is give the king a buff and then heroes will be fine.
My queen feels better then ever but my king feels almost useless. They
nailed the queen, let down on the king.

Well it didn’t happen to my queen or king how come it only happens to you
are you hack or something using third party software 

I think its a glitch because when you did activate her ability there was a
giant bomb and she was invisible so actualy the queen wasn’t hit by the

Its the same with troops in the baracks: the moment you start a raid they
start producing troops even if the army camp is still full. The same goes
with the queen. The second you started the raid your queen was rehealing
even though she had full health. So with the boost your queen healed 8mins
while you attacked which was enough to bring her to full health

It’s neither. Heroes heal while you search just like troops train while you
search. You were just searching long enough for her to heal. I use this to
make sure I always have my heroes for GoWiPE. I set both altars to boost
24/7 so my heroes are always awake for every raid without instant gemming.
I search for 45 minutes and even if I kill them they’ll be back up when I
get back to base.