This is my hog rider attack strategy guide for low level hogs. In this video my hog riders are level 2. I will be coming out with a guide to beat anti hog ba…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

What do you use to record your screen do u need root? Or jailbroken device?
Plz answer back

I literally just got my lvl 2 hogs done today, tried this method, and i
have been getting 100% every war now. Thanks so much for the vid! :)

+1 subscriber. Great video!!! Get your hogs to lvl 5 and you will be
unstoppable, but the next update makes the heroes not lurable so that will
actually stop the hogs….

Im a town hall 7 and i have a troop capacity of 190, i use 35 level 1 hogs,
and 5 wizards in the clan castle to deal with the heroes/ clan troops. I
also have 15 archers to use for drawing out heroes/ clan troops. I put my
hogs in 2 different places, pretty close together, and i use 2 heals and 1
lightning, in case some clan troops survive/ i cant lure them. I can three
star almost all town hall 8 bases. I only use hogs in Wars BTW.

One thing you didn’t touch on is you are a TH9 with low level hog riders.
Level 2 hog riders are available as early as TH7, but its foolish to think
you can take on a TH9 base without the benefit of that fourth heal spell
and additional space in army camps. The level of the heal spell also makes
a huge difference. It’s my hope that you haven’t encouraged a bunch of TH7
and TH8 guys to start running hogs again maxed out TH9 bases. Hog raids can
be very double edged and I would hope they would understand all the facts
before they start burning through their previous dark elixir.