Here’s a guide on how to choose the right base in Clash of Clans. I always get raids of 400000 or more with this strategy! ———————————…

If you need gems, there is only one site that can provide you some:
It worked twice for me, i got iOS if it matters at all :)

I disagree with the 300k rule. Elixir is generally useless and maxed for
me. Therefore, I’ll raid a guy with 250k gold and 0 elixir over a guy with
150k/150k, whether or not I’m full.

I used 100k to search right bases, but didn’t find anything close to the
300k rule. I guess i just have bad luck

one question, if you don’t have enough walls, what should you use to over
up the little bald spots on your base.

You get so lucky it takes me minimum 10 minutes to find a base with more
than 50000 of each. I’m town hall lvl 7 and have 1250 trophies so I just
don’t get it. Long search times is the reason I gave up on this game

Haha he is saying you don’t want to try and get the storages because of how
much the troops cost mean while he has 4 MILLION elixer

So had a shield for 3 days cause i’m new to the game and what do I do? I
went into a online game not reading the piece that says your shield drops
and now i’m easy target….FUCK

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