Clash Of Clans Free Gems! – Clash Of Clans Let’s Play Your Army Part 31 – In Todays Clash Episode We Find Heaps Of Loot! YEAH! WANT FREE GEMS, DIAMONDS & GIFT …

I dont get why people dont like heal spells with barch? its like the most
effective spell with barch x)

“i have to go to townhall 7 all i have to upgrade is some walls” as he has
zero level six walls and loots of level ones
lol u so good ov <3

+Clash Of Clans & Minecraft | MasterOv Hey nice video And i always Enjoy
Watching Your Videos Keep Up the Good Work And I hope More people can
Subscribed To you :D

yeah I think that base is inactive as Ive Attacked it a few times (I linger
in the 1000-1100 range looking for such bases)

I joined masterovtrollin yesterday ^_^. Do you want me to leave and make a
spot? Answer yes or no and leave a like.

Selling a level 99 townhall 9 clash account account with 200 level 10 walls
and 50 level 9 walls!
Gold grab is 852 million , good troops and heroes. If you are interested
please message me on kik , my username is ; Almightymo07je

i’m th 8 and, i am getting so much freaking loot in silver league 1-2. i
use the gold to upgrade my walls and defense, but my elixar is soo full
since you can’t really upgrade much things with elixar, except dark
baracks, labratory troops and a few other things, and even tho im upgrading
them, my elixar is still full, so even getting dragons and peeka is so
cheap for me

You know, it’s better to max out your town hall (or parcially max it out)
and then move on to the next one. That strategy is veey good for 2 main
1.When you upgrade tour town hall you get a loot deduction, that means you
get less loot from lower town halls so it’s a very good idea to max out
your troops as well
2. If you have your town hall maxed and you go to the next one you don’t
have many things (or even none) to upgradefrom your old town hall and you
can focus on the new one. I hope that help you ( masterov and other viewers
of this comment

Haha fools i hacked this comment so nobody can dislike it. In ur faces. I
figured that out before u did jelly. 

MasterOv, you should try to do a trophy push at town hall 7, 8, or 9. It
would be interesting to see someone who is usually town hall 10 adapt to
lower town hall strategies in high trophy levels.

Yep, I’m Town Hall 8 farming in Silver II and there is so much loot in the
collectors, i’m a million away from full storage and I got it in 1 day. I’m
farming up my walls to lvl 7 and I got most of them done, in 1 day. Keep up
the good work!