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for pekkas playhouse u can just use 3 lightning spells on the air defenses
and then demolish with 3 or 4 dragons

Hello fellow Clashers! Recently i started a new clan! If anyone is
interested in joining please watch the video on my channel giving
instructions on how to join. Thank-you–

dude i i need a strategy i am th7 and i want people to join my clan so can
you give me a shootout in your next vid
if you can that will really help out alight and my clash of clans name is
megatron33 nbe sure to check me out and my clan name is YouTube well thank
u if you read this………….

You don’t need the pekka to beat the last missions, i beat them at town
hall 7 with lvl 4 troops. There are guides to do them too. 

I tried that strategy for Pekka’s Playhouse. I failed 3 times. Is it
because my healers were level 2? Level 2 and 3 aren’t that much different.

Playclashofclans can u look up the clan GET LOADED and look at carver
that’s me and tell me how my base is looking.

I’m watching this a long time since it was uploaded, new single players
levels MY ASS! :'( i cri