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Look best place to farm silver 2 train barch (barbarian,archer)i i got 3m
in total in 30min just go there u will see the loot 

Umm… i think its cool to have the intro in youre vids because its like
youre trade mark!!

Yesss I love that intro and I was wondering if u could give me some tips to
become a YouTube? Reply if u can if u can’t its fine



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Ov I, have a great attack strategy for u when u get to town hall 7 and get
dragons and minions, I think this strategy is called super dragoonian raid.
Go to silver 2 or 1, you will need around 20 minions 4 dragons and the rest
balloons. You must then send in the balloons in a straight line on two
different sides then two dragons on each side and finally the minions you
must also have 2 rage spells and 1 heal spell. This attack strategy has
worked excellently for me with 3 star on nearly every base. This strategy
is very good for trophy pushing. Hope this raid works well for u hope u use
it. :-)

Personaly the best army composition for loot is….. 8 giants 30 goblens 63
barbarians and 57 archers. Try it and let me know how it goes for u.