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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Madden I love your content and have been watching and playing CoC for a
long time (including your channel) but I have to say the comments you leave
replying to comments can be kind of offensive even if the person isn’t
insulting/calling you out.. It’s kind of like your pissed off with the
community and your subscribers even when they don’t leave a mean or
negative comment… Anyways nice video as always love the trophy counter.

Why did you have to say that!! Now everybody is gonna attack our peasefully
nice Netherland xD ツ 

hey Madden,
In all your video’s, i have one question: what is the intro song. And
others who now it say it plzzz!
Thanks to you all!

Hey Madden, I’m sure you gey this quite a bit, so sorru for asking, but
what program do you use to record on your android? I recorded on ios just
fine, but I can’t find a non-laggy program for android. Any tip would be
nice. And nice defense!!!

hey madden I know that if someone revenges you from where you attacked them
they get a whole lot of trophies. I just really started attacking people
that attack me and i was getting in between 36-58 throphies each attack.

People who are saying that supercell didn’t expect 4000+ cup that may be
true now they have adjusted that so they have to use money constantly, yeah
arguing with people yeah! 

Did anyone notice he said 4000+ trophy range and then he said people 1000
below you attack you but the defenses he showed as proof were people from
4000+ trophy range. The game wasn’t designed for that high level of
trophies so stop complaining that you don’t get many trophies 

When watching a coc video am I the only person who tries to scroll or check
the messages before they re realize there watching a video……….

It’s not ridiculous the game never expected people to push to 5,000 cups
and its absurd that these people are mad about it there is no bases as high
as you so you wont get good cups life isnt fair DEAL WITH IT

Switching languages does switch servers but so does restarting the game.
When people say “Chinese is where I get all my loot!” or “German is where
you get the most trophies” that is just a coincidence and they tend to find
a good server when they switch to that language but same thing happens when
you just restart the game.

They’re doing that to push top players to buy even more gems. Greedy

i am selling my level 108 clash of clans account. Looking for 50$ paypal.
kik- mathewrogers1