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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Hey I’m Clayton I’m trying to beat princess Ray I’m in second place can you
guys join my clan an help me get too first

I just unlocked witches today. And why do updates appeal to higher level
players? Because higher level players already unlocked everything else.
What kind of update would you need when you’re still using lvl 4

Guys be careful, dont download the link above. This DOENST WORK. I finally
found one that does here guys –\FLcpuu – Check it out its been
working all day so far.

I think that when the witch summon skellys on second round the first round
of skellys should disappear

i think there needs to be more stuff for low to medium level players. the
last several updates basically only helped out the high level players

i dont understand why everyone says they are op’ed i use the witchs and
sometimes dont get 50%

i used to be gold ll,now im silver 1.ITS HARD AT GOLD ll IN MY OPINION u
fight people with lvl 7 walls when i have lvl 5 😛