So to me this isn’t that big of a deal, however i feel like any editing of in game presets should be dealt with either in bans or fixes. Maybe a lil bit of both. Subscribe to our new collab…

It’s not that game breaking, really just vanity if you think about it. It
should stay, or be made a thing where supercell allows you to change
required trophies to the exact number.

This is stupid like calm down it’s just trophies like it doesn’t effect the
game so why should it matter 

In the terms of service it says that those who plays supercell games agrees
to not use cheat, expliorts, mods or anything to interferre or mess with
any of the supercell games. This video shows that there are players that
are messing with a supercell game. Meaning that they have broken the
agreement and shall be banned. RESOURCE locatated in the Supercell terms of
service, under the licence limitation.

Yes cause hackers have no life and winners don’t cheat and cheaters never
win there is no point hacking/glitching a pixel game that’s why I say they
have no life cause they try all they need to do is just play the game cause
it’s not real life if you don’t want to play right don’t play at all the
game dose not need people who glitch or hack 

This is actually already a banable offense. Using any third party software
carries a temp ban on the first offense and a permanent on subsequent
offenses. If you want them to be banned just send a report to supercell via
their email, a PM to them on the forums, or ingame support(cog button). 

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Thanks for sharing this Brian! I would recommend putting @ClashOfClans in
the title of the video so every time someone likes the video it will notify
them on twitter! 

I understand where you’re coming from however it is no big deal and it’s
just a little fun for clans to do however it’s no where near a big enough
glitch to be banned with.

My concern isn’t with how this *glitch/hack* effects the game. I have just
been seeing more and more stuff like this being able to be done. I am
investigating someone showing me 2 dragons in a clan castle which would
then be a game breaking bug. Hope to prove its legitimacy, and show you
that one,

I don’t think you should be banned but just be unable to join a clan or
make one for a period of time 

You are having a cry over that? Seriously? Its over a required trophys get
over it. Now if you want to travel down the path of how people in your clan
use imod get them banned and then you can talk about how it makes the game