Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Here’s three examples of the new easter eggs hidden inside of the single player maps. There’s still a bunch more I didn’t include in…

oh wow a new video thats 2 minutes long, only took about a month.
witelightningHWD makes daily uploads and hes in highschool. if he can make
time to post DAILY videos you can too

I still have my Santa’s Strike from 2013’s Christmas. It can be normally
used in wars, and it’s hella funny

If you defeat the first map with all goblins, what will you get?

DEEZ NUTS! Ha goooot eeem

You expect us just to ignore that you didn’t upload for 2 weeks? Give us an

What do you guys mean he´s a money whore? then i guess everybody with a job
is a money whore…

I kept my pumpkin bomb for the longest time but like two months ago some
fuckface blew it up -_-

Only upload for money lol. Cuz if u were uploading for fun ud be putting
time and effort into ur videos and not only that but upload everyday… U
dont deserve 1 million subs anymore…

On obsidian tower if you place a troop on the bottom where the Halloween
tombstone is a bunch of skeleton traps come out

Just found another pumpkin bomb, it’s at full frontal, drop a troop at the
top stone, it goes off kinda behind the stone 

I just found an easter egg on sherbert towers. If you place a troop in each
corner, you get 5000 gems!!!

U guys are unbelievable if he posts daily he’s a money whore and if he
doesn’t post u guys say he’s lazy like people do that to Ksi and u guys
call ur self “fans”