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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Hey Galadon you probably won’t see this but i joined the new LP4 clan “LP4
Hercules” and i really wanted to see you come check on the LP clans. Maybe,
just a suggestion. Hope you respond!

Awesome fails! At least these weren’t like youre sort of fail with your
previous vid lol!

The 1st attacker could have easily dropped his AQ AND CC at the top and
easily scored 50%

Whats a good strategy for low level town halls like 7 and 8 for killing the
barbarian king now that he can no longer be lured? :/

I am confused this doesn’t seem like the old galadon! What happened? Didnt
even mention the the queen in the first raid never used hero invisibility

Ughh! i hate it when i lose with 49 percent especially when a building has
about 1 hp -_-

I apologize for confusing ‘heal’ spell when I mean to say ‘Jump’ spell…

When or Are you going to make a facecam video with Peter17$ because i
really wonder how you both look like. Peter17$AWESOME !!!!!