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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

I’m a TH8 and use 2 healers 17 giants 6 wall breakers 3 minions and the
rest archers and barbarians with 2 rage and 1 heal 100% evreyone so far and
I was kicked from PETER17$AWESOME and I’m level 71

Town Hall 7 and 8 Attacks! And you KNEW Peter17$ wouldn’t stay away!


*You need* : 2-3 giants (lvl3), 5-6 wallbreakers (lvl2), 5 barbs
(lvl1-luring out CC), 2 healers (lvl1+), rest: wizards (mine are lvl4)

*Range* : 900-1200 trophies

*Spells* : if you do it right you don’t need spells, altough healing and/or
rage spells are nice to have

*How to* : first you need to lure out cc, then kill it with some wizards.
Then, use your giants and wallbreakers (if needed) to destroy the air
defense (i search for villages with low or outranged air defenses).
finally spam as much wizards as you think you need, with one or two
healers and some wallbreakers.

Altough this composition is pretty expensive, it works really great and
provides you a lot of loot. I get ~ 100.000-200.000 ressources per attack.

thank you for reading till here, if you like, like it lol

Yeah, i use 3 healers, 10 giants, 20-30 archers and 10 goblins along with
either 2 lightning spells or 1 lightning and 1 healing spell. and it seems
to work pretty well.

whenever i see people focusing extremely on air defenses i figured out
easily that they going for giant healer combo :)

Join my clan spirit of ice PLEASE galadon please respond that be amazing i
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I am in TH7, Level 48. My attack strategy is simple using 2 healers, 16
giants, 2 or 3 wall breakers, and the rest archers. I have won two attacks
against TH8; One is a farming base, almost had two stars; and another had
weaker defenses. That second one is my first 3-star battle against a TH8.
My defense is good, but many attackers are TH8 and TH9 players easily 3
star me. Thank you if you read this. Miner out!

After update our clan of TH9s are facing a lot of preemi TH10s with discos.
Any tips for close to max level TH9s that have to attack TH10s with lvl2
inferno towers (and other defenses a mix of TH8 and TH9)

Galadon my th7 attack strategy was a heavy ground attack, healers ruin
raids, heal spells do the job. 10 giants, 20 wizards, 10 wallbreakers, rest
barbs and archers, 2 heal 1 rage. I’m a th8, I use GoWiPe, Hogs, Garchard
(Giant, Archer, Wizard). I’m gonna try drags as well!! Great as always!!
Check my channel for good lower lvl gameplay, I did how-To’s!!

This video was very helpful for town halls like me. I now know how to use a
Gowipe attack without golems! Thanks Galadon.

I’m sorry galadon but that th7 attack strategy is garbage and in th7 with
something better that will easily 4 star that base and even some semi maxed
th8 but still loved the video! 

Hey galadon are you going to do a face reveal?
And I want peter to get his own channel. He’s really funny. I want to see
more of him;-)

Thanks Galadon, I’m finishing up TH8 and I’m pretty much maxed out. I just
need to get my last 3 teslas to lvl 6! 

Peter17$ is like the terminator? That must mean there will be a…
(Puts Sunglasses on)…
Judgement Day.

Another top video galadon, i like how you mix it up to keep all your subs
entertained. Keep up the great work.