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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

hey matu can you create an anit balloon th9 farming base. I got reck 2
times. help me out

If you want It to be more of a non air base then switch the air defense
with the gold storage.

Pretty poor use of the resources, 2 exposed cannons and a easily baited out
barb king. 

not trying to be a dick or anything but if you can drop 3 lightning spells
on the ground GG no air defence.

wow u are amazing those bases u make are so awesome! thanks for all the
base designs.keep doing these good bases! This style in th8 would be sick!

Man , your channel is growing up so fast , I’m an almost maxed th9 and
tried out all of your base designs , they all work pretty well :) Keep up
the good work and GJ for the 30k subs , nice music u always put in your
vids their! :)

Can you make a farming base for town hall 9 farming Dark elixir please? : D
that would be great! <3