Clash of Clans gameplay and Clash of Clans Base Tips & Tricks, and definitely some Clash of Clans Attacks & Max Troop Raids! Clash of Clans Videos! ▻ CLASH…

#New th lvl
#more troops capacity(340)
#higher lvl barrack (normal one)
#New dark troop
#10Spell capacity(including new spells)
#higher lvl troops

Town hall 7 with drags, and town hall 8 with level 3 drags can join my war
clan, Obliteration.(and above) The badge is black and white and the leader
is me, Patrick.

#not new walls! New troop+ new dark troop, new th NEW DEFENCE! Uhhh… Xbow
at th 8 lol, I’m th 8….

May I ask, how you’re using your computer to play clash of clans ? I myself
would like to do the same 

they should let you upgrade your builders or boost them or even have
multiple builders building on one thing to make it go faster.