Here’s an in-depth guide for my ‘lazy farming’ attack strategy in Clash of Clans. I know it’s a little long, but worth it. ———————————-…

When you get attacked and if your base gets completely destroyed, do you
lose the elixir and gold saved up in the pumps and gold mines? (Not in the

Yea, I tried to use this method, but the problem is that i never never find
a base as easy as you did. I spend 150k gold to find a base and then endind
attacking just someone out of frustration. I need to search for hours to
find a base with over 400k that isnt lvl 10.

I just use 12 giant 4 wall breaker and all archer and get like 200-300k
Eilxer/gold everytime i am at gold 3 most of the time sometimes gold 2

Only about 50k eilxer to train

Trophy range us total BS. I am th8 at 1400 trophies. About an hour of
searching and not a single base with over 200k. How the HELL did you find
bases like that

Ok… But if you have to take the money inside the base ( when the money is
inside the deposit) ? 

Note that a big key to getting good bases is the *TIME* you’re attacking.
There are periods where lots of shields run out from the previous mob of
farmers, which a sweet spot for getting a ton of resources. It happens to
be 1-4am for me :(

Why are there so many th9’s at silver 1? :( My poor gold suffers every time
I log off. Those level 6 troops hurt

I just started yesterday. I’m at town hall 3. Trying to max out the base b4
I upgrade to town hall 4. What’s the best farming strategy? I have 2 army
camps both at lvl 2 and 2 barracks both at lvl 3. If u need more info to
give me the best strategy for me, let me know. Thanks in advance

I use 5 wallbreakers 5 giants 40 archers and then the rest gobs :p ive used
it since townhall six and it works really great.

I’m town hall 8 and I’ve been finding good farming bases at 1100-1200

he told me to smash the like button with a random object and I broke my

For a TH 8, I noticed that I find the best loot when I have around
1700-1750 trophies. And I also noticed that it’s best to attack with 10
troops missing from an army composition in order to find the best bases
(“The AFK’ers as I’d like to call them). Hope this tip helps!