New jump spell and valkyrie are pretty fun – not going to be OP, but still a viable army. Enjoy! :) ———————————- Read More ————————————— Click…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

yes yes i know these comment hurt your eyeballs so much, but i would love
if a few brave souls would checkout my vids and tell me what you think?
clash of clans is an amazing game and i’m trying to build up my own small
community around it:) Hope you have a good day – CoCWeekly

This channel is kinda dead,he doesn’t upload the lets play vids everyday
and every 2 days he uploads a vid which is pretty bad fr a guy who has like
800 k subs.Look at Pewdiepie most subbed guy on YouTube he uploads vids
almost everyday,this really bad performance from such large YouTuber.Now it
looks like everyone wants subs.Improve ur upload rate.

Hey guys. I’m a new clash youtuber! It would be awesome if you could check
me out :) Thanks!

All the hog rider lovers we should all start a riot #leaveourhogsalone lol

Hey guys, I have a clan on Clash of Clans called We Are Gods. There are
other clans with the same name, but we have our emblem as the yellow flame
on a red background. My name is mole62 and anybody is welcome to join as
long as long as you have 600 trophies as a minimum. It is a new clan and we
are looking for friendly people to have a laugh with :) We donate loads of
troops and are eager to win some more wars. Thank you for reading :) 

who even use jump spell or valks..? they are tying so bad to make us to use
them but no, no one will

Are they ever ganna add a feature where we can save bases and cycle with
them so we dont have to keep constructing?

Does anyone have a good clan? I am currently searching for a clan with
loyal, nice, and full donaters. I am level 61. I also want some farmers and
no rushers nor gemmers.

Let’s be serious…the only people who don’t have a problem with this
update are town hall 7s an and low 8s. Heroes that are lower level are
stronger now for them. 

As a player on around 2000 trophies, the Valkyries are AMAZING! I use about
20 Valkyries, 1 Lightning Spell to take out the clan castle and 4 Healing
Spells to heal the Valks, + 40 Barbs and Archers. The Valkyries turns out
to be some real heavy damage dealers together and normally take out lvl 9
townhalls in about 5 hits together, and they don’t really have any super
dangerous defense to worry about except maybe Barb king and Archer queen.
The only downsides are the army cost and that about 10-20% of the raids
fucks up because of half of the valks go for outside buildings…

The new whirlwind factor is very helpful. I had 5 seconds left on a raid
and I got a 3 star because my valks went between the last 2 buildings and
hit both of them. If they had gone at them one at a time i would have lost.