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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Can you review my base?

Clan name: Nexus

Clan Flag: Red with Yellow and Black Stripes

Base name: Equinox

Thanks bro!

Try BallBreakers strategy wallbreakers and balloons the wallbreakersbbreak
the walls while the loons give covering support it works i always get tons
of star with it.

I’m a basically max th8 going to th9 (the only thing that ain’t max is one
of my cannons) when my th is finished what should I get first out of the
new stuff that comes with town Hall 9?

Supercell should make a Devil troop. The Devil should should be able to
burn defensive buildings and fly over walls

i would like to see some strategies for th 8 or 9
best if cheap, both farming and trophies attack strategies.

It doesn’t count when you have max heroes.. max heroes are ridiculously
overpowered and all of those wizzies in your cc helped a lot.

playclashofclans ur cool and awsome i would like a base review.
name-n,bjnbhjng clan- UD Elite. around 19,000 trophies. leader is Miss

Try my ballooniant strategy. It will be almost impossible at town hall
level 10, but I still want you to try it. First, you bait out the clan
castle troops, then kill them, then send giants, some wall breakers,
possibly a healing spell to take out all of the air defenses. If you can,
send a dragon if the air defense is its first priority or a jump spell to
help the giants. If you get desperate to take out the air defenses, send a
few balloons and a healing spell. If you successfully take out the air
defenses (which is very unlikely at town hall level 10,) then you send a
massive horde of balloons to take out the other defenses. Then you send in
the clan castle troops, heroes, and possibly some leftover troops (maybe
archers) to finish off the base. If you want, you can make some adjustments
like sending in the clan castle troops or heroes to help take out the air
defense. If you do this, just don’t change it too much.

Hi Pat, just wondering if you could do some low level attack strategies.
Not to be a hater because I know this is you first version of one of these
videos. But I hope all these videos aren’t like all p.e.k.k.a raids, all
golem raids, all witch raids, all hogs etc. I’m a new TH 8 and my best
troop is level 1 hogs.

Hey i would appreciate if you guys could check me out! Im a new clash
youtuber who uploads a video a day! I sometimes also do minecraft videos!