This is the worst strategy I can think of… let’s see how it turns out! B.A.R.F.B.A.G. = OP. ———————————- Read More ————————————— Click the…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

+ChiefPat when will you do a series without gemming? I feel like you can’t
legitimately play the game.

I made a attack strat as well it is called the bag you need barbs archers
goblins and a barb king you don’t need the barb king but it will help and
anything in the clan castle

Try and go for a “TRUE” 100% raid, so destroying every wall as well :)
You’ll probably have to do it on a much weaker base as your army will
probably be largely wall breakers, but it’s something I haven’t seen done.
Please vote up so he sees :)

What do we learn? Do not even try to look for loot in clash of clans
anymore, just do some random shit.

Full healers + heroes! It’ll be interesting. If u do it plz mention me in
the next vid. Thx :)

The worse army composition :
1 Golem
1 Pekka
2 Healer
20 Archers
21 Barbarians
2 Giants
5 Wall-Breakers
4 Wizards
5 Balloons

Name : GAWiPeArGiBaWa (it is a bit long^^)

What’s the worst strategy you can think of (that has a fighting chance)?