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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

How about hogs healers archers barbarians wizards wall breakers heroes
balloons minions Valkyries and ur pussy

Jactac –
4 wall breakers
2 healer potions, 1 rage spell
4 – 6 pekkas (less for higher level pekkas)
1 healer
20 – 25 goblins
Minions (if you feel adventurous)

its not good to spread out your giants, in a group they destroy stuff

Nice strategy ov might use this as it looks like it works, thanks for
another great video AND … Let’s get you to 40,000 subs you deserve it :D

Well done mate for almost getting to 40 thousand subs keep up the good work

Try about 10-15 giants, 10 wizards, 6 wall breakers, 2 dragons and if you
have any space left use a mix of barbarians and archers. For spells use 2
healing and 1 rage :)

I hope you reach 60,000 subs and start growing ill stay with you and watch
your videos until you stop bro 

Do this attack:

2 Dragons
10 Giants
5 Wall Breakers
Rest Archers

Heal spells only

Master, if you need to attack to a mortar with small damage guys
(Archer, barbarian, goblins) you can send these guys with waves. For
example: send 10 small damage guys, then wait for 2-4 seconds. After that,
send 10 troops and wait for 2-4 seconds AGAIN. If you have more small
damage guys, you can send up to 30 small damage guys.
If you want to save your wallbreakers, send 1-3 giants and then, attack
with your wallbreakers.
I want to talk about healers. Healers only heals. They can not attack to
defences or buildings. Healers can not heal theirselves.
Healers can not heal air troops. For example: dragon, baloon, healer and
Wizard can make a lot of damage, but they can die quickly. So, you can heal
them up with 2 or more healers OR you can heal them with healing magic.
Healing with healers is better than magic, because you can use magic for
make a lot of damage or make your troops STRONGER. Healers can take a lot
of damage from Air Defences. So, take them first (you don’t need to destroy
the archer towers), then put your healers.

I hope you may use these informations in your game. ^_^

1:58 you should have used the 3rd lighting spell :( it would take out 4
buildings at once

Try 30 wizards (any level ), 3 healers Lvl 2 ( could be Lvl 1), 8 wall
breakers and rest archers. For spells use 2heal spells and a rage spell.
How to use: find a base with air defences fair exposed and use the wizards
to go destroy it and everything else but make sure to put heal spells and
healers so wizards don’t die and also watch out for gaint bomb

I can’t wait for 40k 😀 I have been subbed for a pretty long time and i’m
very happy for you