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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

I’m done almost all the achievments my only option is buying them or going
on app nana and getting them…if any of u guys r on appnana plz add my
code its

Thx wiggy i was really considering doing the $10 gift card method but u
made me realize its not worth my time thx bro;)

This video needs to be showes to people who think their website can hack
the Clash servers…. They spam the comments, either they are trolls or
stupid…. Also the freemyapps or appbounty and crap taking forever is so
true, I can get 4x the money for doing stuff. Dem popular youtubers upload
vids every 2 weeks to they can save enough credits to spend 100$ for Clash.
Thanks for reading my rant thingy. (Dis vid is so true)

I remember when I first started clash like 6 months ago, I tryed to change
the clock on my iphone to get my stuff upgraded faster. LOL