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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

goin man, Im not gonna use em gems, HARDCORE ALL THE WAY
Reply/Like if your with me

I keep seeing these vids. It’s bollocks never works. I spent ages
downloading apps and eventually I realised I wasn’t getting enough points
and it was useless

In my country i only get like 60 point per app i download is that normal?
cause you get like 200 points :c

Hey guys Need Gems ? Go to the App Store and download appbounty. It gives
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I just found out a 100% guaranteed way to really get gems > just download
appbounty earn enough points and redeem them for playstore or itunes cards
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hey havoc, i just downloaded the app and when i check what games to
download, the most credits i can get is only like 38? is there any way to
get more

Rhis is some fucking bull shit i have tried to do that download thing like
five times and its not giving me fucking credit 

How to get Free Xbox/PSN cards. Use the Amazon Cards instead and buy the
cards on there 

Isnt unlimited gems so many gems you never run out of them?? I tried this
and wasted 30 minutes downloading apps I dont even want nor need just to
get a $10 iTunes card which, assuming there’s stupid tax on the App Store
now, would only get me 500 gems, not even getting me close to upgrading a
single building. Thats unlimited gems?