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Wars monday wendesday and Saturday
800 up only
Game name enforcer790
Thanks for reading just I don’t know I guess comment 

You are such a good youtuber chief pat or should I say not chief pat.
Please keep up,the videos i really enjoy them

This site is amazing guys! It gives Unlimited Gems Unlimited Elixir
Unlimited Gold

wasup chief , maybe you could do a guide on how to use the barbarian king
at th7?? he is a total beast and always get me that 3rd star BUT I feel
like I misplace him a lot, and I don’t know a good composition to go with

I’m a little tired of the exact same content every video – like he starts
the video, shows what he have upgraded and his changed base – then he says
what we wants to upgrade then he stars attacking.

And it goes on like that for the hole video, and at the end he upgrades the
thing he wanted to upgrade and that’s that… Same almost the exact same
every video… 

This series isn’t a good idea because he’s already done a let’s play series
EXACTLY like this. I know that he’s playing this account so he can do “Best
Base Designs” but don’t make another series out of the account WHEN YOU

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Why does he surrender after 1 star on the last one? There’s no hero health
to save, and the troops could get more loot.

1.Highlight the numbers
2.Press Ctrl+F
3.Press 9
4.Read the message.

Pat Ur the best!!!!! Can you Pls tell me what is the best Leafue to farm in
TH 8 and Pls make a video of how to do a mass dragon raid

Chief pat always says that he finds bases without their air deference, and
if they do have it’s bearly upgraded.I’ve never found those type of bases

Can you please do some videos on your other lets play we are literally at
the same place in the game on that account and i love those videos :)

You’re finding better loot raids than me and I’m in gold 1! any tips on how
I can grow a YouTube channel for clash?

i dont play this anymore, it is boring now