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How could there be 225,000+ views when there’s only 200,000 people in the
world? Bring on the hate 

Clash is dead, its all adults now it used to be middle school and
highschool people only :(. Plus I still cant believe people say that there
are Gem Genarators that “work” when obviously none work

It takes 4 days to get th6…. How much time for your next episode??? Its
been a week since this upload!!! Pls try and get it out fast!

Dude you missed out episode 16 and episode 9 isn’t even a lets play. Should
say episode 18 not 20. Also stop taking forever to post videos, 6 days
since this 1 came out. I have 2 accounts which I both use and it took me
half the time it took you to get to that level. My friend played clash of
clans for about 3 weeks now and already is over level 40. He spends like a
few hours a day on coc and doesn’t spend any gems. Why can’t you get to
that level in 2 months despite all the experience on coc you have?

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How did Chief Pat get 1’000’000 subs all I want is 1’000 and that is hard
as hell! Nice job Pat!

lol he didn’t do another raid he gemmed it you can see look at his gems
when he leaves the last raid and when he comes back to his village

make a clan for lower levels only and we can have lower level wars against
low level people and it will just be a bunch of low level fun

Notice that he has over 500 gems in the beginning of the video. When he
says he did a small raid to get the last amount of gold to upgrade his TH,
he has only 400 gems left… Hmmmmmm… Hmmmm…

Wow i like how cheif pat always talks about maxing and all that but he
hasn’t even maxed out any of the town halls on his new account

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