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Town hall 7 but I started off when I was 10 not knowing that I shouldn’t
rush my town hall then I quit and just came back to it

Completely maxed th8 need to do all my walls to level 8 and my resolve is
faltering tempted to just go upgrade to 9 :C

Th10 – Level: 123
Maxed Troops
Level 10/11 walls
Maxed Defenses (Except 1 Inferno Tower)
Maxed Buildings
Trophies: 3977 (Champion League)
Might sell this account for $50. It got boring..

I have 5 high level th 10 accounts one which is in the top 50
12 th 9 accounts and 15 others from th 5 to th8

I’m th7, working on getting my king to lvl 5 and I have no dark troop
upgrades done, however I have everything except my regular barracks (except
one) upgraded so I have one with dragons… As soon as I get a lvl 5 barb
king… I might go up to th8, but I think imma go all dragons and do some
fun stuff with this ability. I’m not using gems btw so YA. I use 12 wall
breakers, 18 giants, 16 wizards, and a mix of barbs and archers…. 1 rage
2 heal ( so this is mega expensive, but I can 2 star decently upgraded th9s
for that dark)

Im a th7 player, i know what im doing but i need to learn to keep calm when
im atacking….. i always spam everything out at once and lose or just get
the 50%
Any tips?

Besides Archertowers fully maxed out th8 goin’ to th9!
Yes all lv8 walls..