Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 26 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash o…

Chief Pat, There is this guy with a red shield on his townhall, what does
that mean! Look up the clan called Bohol prodigy, his name is REIGN,

So you’re about to upgrade to TH 7 and you’re still at 900 trophies, I’m at
Th 7 and at gold 2 and that could be higher, like it’s obvious you don’t
care about trophies but come on

Selling MAXED TH 8! Comment below with your email/kik if interested (will
be deleted right after I see it for your privacy)!
– LVL 86
– Over 1.4k gems
– Lvl 7 BK
– 80% black walls
– MAXED Barbs, Archers, Gobs, WBs, Giants, Wizzies, Balloons, Healers,
Dragons, Minions, Hogs, Pekkas
– Currently in Crystal League
How much? Based on the highest bid, so if you want to know the current bid,
drop your contact info below

You said you won’t use gems you just bought them for the builders yet you
seem to get lower lower everytime, do you train troops or upgrade buildings
with them?

hmmmmm i’m thinking of leaving chief pat and going over to godson or daddy
or something. i’m realizing that a lot of his base designs are pretty
questionable.which made me wonder if he is really all that good at
clash.for one thing he completely over relies on his heroes,(they salvage
about 85% of his raids). (don’t hate or say that i’m wrong about that
because you know it’s true.)

Giant healer sucks man. I use to use it but it sucks. Maybe it just that
I’m higher level but I just wanted to say that.

No hate PLZ

I think I stand for everyone when I say your videos are amazing, but you
don’t post very many. I would love to see a video every 2 days at least!
P.S. Quatrolavaloonion is amazingly good. P.P.S Post more of these!!!!

Hey chief pat, how much do you search for a good base on average?because i
sometimes waste 50k gold and can’t find a single base with 100k in any
elixir/gold :/

have you seen the new popular attack strategy chief pat?
It’s Quatrolavaloonion, check out clash of clans attacks new video, you
should defiantly try it out!