Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 27 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, giving my best attack…

Guys is this loot amount good to find as a th6 today I found a 900,000 in
all raid. Is that really good for th6?

Hey join this clan; Killer B killed
Feeder; Almost killers

Hope you join we are a very fun active clan… We like to make LOTS of
jokes (especially on a guy named bo his moms a “milf”), we attack in all
our wars ( if u don’t feel like attacking np go to feeder, lower ur
trophies to like idk 42 member in clan and the leader of feeder;sweasel
will do a 40 vs 40) and we donate and recieve

Now of course I don’t expect you pat to join but this comment is not only
for you but for all the people reading these comments
Hope to see you all there and CLASH ON :D

I have a question for anyone that this applies to. What trophy range do u
farm at for th lvl 8, 9 or 10. Mostly th 9 and up. And if u want how long
do you tap the next button. I have had some loot problems and need help.
Can someone help me out.

Thx for listening to the title >_<…
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Selling MAXED TH 8! Comment below with your email/kik if interested (will
be deleted right after I see it for your privacy)!
– LVL 86
– Lvl 8 BK
– 90% black walls
– MAXED Barbs, Archers, Gobs, WBs, Giants, Wizzies, Balloons, Healers,
Dragons, Minions, Hogs, Pekkas
– Currently in Crystal League
How much? Based on the highest bid, so if you want to know the current bid,
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Can you please upload the full 8 hours in one and then highlights in
another. I have a lot of spare time

I have been working on my walls for TH 6 for a bit too long and I think I
should just have the walls that are 5 and 6 there and leave them and
continue to TH 7. or should I worry about my walls and max them all out
before TH7? Please reply with the best answer because it costs too much
gold just for one wall I mean 75k? I get 300k gold every raid and that’s
not enough and my mines don’t give a lot to upgrade either.

hey pat I was wondering what happened to your other lets play series on
your higher account I wanna see more please!!!

For townhall 7, use BAM or BAG, these 2 are extremely effective on getting
you 1 or 2 star and getting all the resources. I find over 200k of each and
walk out with over 150k.

When I was th7, the most strategy I used is healer and Giants in silver2.
It’s really good for gold and elixir( for de, I just used lightning

Hey Chief Pat. You said you were looking for a farming strategy, so I guess
I’ll share mine. Currently, I’m a low to mid townhall 8, but I pretty have
been using this strategy or a strategy similar to this throughout all of
townhall 7 and what I’ve been through in 8. Because my Army camps are
maxed, there will be 200 troop spots so do keep that in mind when reading
this, if you do decide to read this. Anyways, here it is. I’ve been using:
8 Giants
8 Wallbreakers
64 Goblins
72 Archers
4 Minions
2 Heal spells
1 Rage Spell
This strategy has proven to be very successful for me so far and I would
recommend it to you when you make the move up to townhall 7. The only
comments I have about my current strategy is that it does sometimes have
not enough goblins and often I won’t have to use all my
Giants/Wallbreakers. However, when going higher in trophy range, these
extra Giants and Wallbreakers become more and more necessary. Thanks for
reading and have a good day Chief Pat!

NOOO DONT JOIN A CLAN, Everyone should try to keep my comment up so he can
make a clan for his fans ;D Wouldn’t that be dope ? Its something similar
to what Cam does, If anyone watches him.

I don’t understand why instead of 3 uploads in one day you don’t just
upload one every day. you only upload like twice a week lol

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Violets are blue.
I’m viewer 301,
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I love it when people underestimate your base and put 1 barbarian down.
Then they realize your base is hard then leave. xD