“Clash of Clans In Memoriam” video that I talked about – http://youtu.be/oVqyrjK9ASo Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfLDCsb0ZU Episode 32 of Let’s Play Clash…

Okay, what I don’t understand about YouTubers who do farming videos is that
they go through a whole thinking process of where the loot is and whether
its in the mines and pumps or storages. Its obvious all of the loot is in
the mines and pumps, they’re clearly full just by looking at them. Full
elixir pulls with have a big purple cylinder but empty ones will just have
a little purple ring. Empty storages are gonna have a single coin (gold) or
a small puddle (elixir). Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t
understand why he has to go through the process of elimination of where the
loot is. Godson is very guilty of this too, he’ll throw down an archer to
test out how much loot is taken on one shot. But again, I might be missing

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Your lets clash series seems scripted.. it’s like you are commentating over
the gameplay and say stuff after you did them in the video as if you are
finishing reading a sentence you wrote lol.

It makes absolutely no sense to keep all those walls and buildings you are
upgrading on the edge.. you are wasting all those walls and giving whoever
attacks you an easy 2 star with your th and all those buildings out there.
Not like trophies matter where you are, but it still makes no sense.

Chief pat you should do 75 goblins 75 archers 6 giants and 10 wallbreakers.
It works well for me

@cheifpat you didn’t even post for like 3 weeks and now your are again, I
know these are old videos because you don’t have the 1 gem boost with your

can someone help me out please, im new to CoC. why do people put there town
halls on the outside like that guy did at 2:31 isnt the town hall most
important thing?

Hello! I am not a small youtuber looking for fame!
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The name is “Crimson Star”
The clan Hashtag is #9RRQ9R0P
We are always at war and we donate no matter what! To become Elder, you
must donate 350 troops! To be Co-Leader, you must get the most heroic
attack or defense in 3 wars in a row! We donate dark troops up to
Valkyries! Always donate Archers Lvl 3 or higher unless asked otherwise. If
you are inactive, you will be kicked. If you donate something that is not
asked, you will be demoted or kicked. Have a nice day and clash on!

Can someone please answer my question. How in the world does he always find
soo much loot. Im th8 in gold 2 and the most i can find it like 250k loot.
Does he press next over and over for like 10 min. Someone please answer my