Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 33 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, giving my best attack…

I get awesome loot and im th9 in gold 3-silver1 league…useing barch and
bam and getting tons of loot!

I’m a TH7 at Gold 3. I’m trying to max out my walls, but all the loot is
shit. But, the DE is AMAZING (I’m also trying to get my king). So, what
would be a good league for farming?? 

Selling MAXED TH 8! Kik Nightingale58 or email if
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– LVL 88
– Lvl 9 BK
– 96% black walls
– MAXED Barbs, Archers, Gobs, WBs, Giants, Wizzies, Balloons, Healers,
Dragons, Minions, Hogs, Pekkas
– Currently in Crystal League

Pat, how are you finding this loot? I’m th 8 median upgrades what do you
recommend for trophy range farming?

Simple solution. It allows you to steal loot without a penalty, but the
defending base only losses the amount that they would lose with a penalty.

I definitely agree. It is very frustrating how at th7 I found 500k+
resource bases in a minute of searching like it was nothing and quickly had
elixir to waste because I had nothing to upgrade. Whereas now that I am
th9, it takes a good 15 minutes of searching to find a 500k+ base, if I
even find one. And upgrading everything to max takes forever and most
people move to th10 before they even max their th9 because it is so damn
tedious. It’s frustrating and the past 5 months I have barely played at all
because the game has become kind of boring to me since it is so hard to
find big loot bases.. that was what made the game so fun for me at th7 and
even th8. 

That first raid u get loot at lower levels so supercell will put you in a
mindset that you get loot fast and easy, what’s another way to get loot
fast and easy, GEMS! And you’ll need them most at higher levels!

Wait, supercell has 9 letters, Super cell made clash of clans. Clash has 5
letters. Clash of clans is a pay to win game. You pay with gems. Gems has4
letters. 5-4=1 the illuminati symbol has one eye. SUPERCELL ILLUMINATI

I just finished maxing TH8, and I spent the entire time farming in silver 2
and silver 1. As a TH8, you can consistently find easy bases with 200k+ of
gold and elixir. Most people are just noobs who think trophies matter and
they sit up in gold and crystal league and wonder why they can’t find any

How the hell do you get so much friggin loot? Like seriously! ITS EVERY
RAID YOU SEARCH! And for me it takes at least like 50 searches

the reason why they do that (higher level playes get less loot), is because
they want them to actually try harder to get loot. Going against a th7 with
say, max troops, would just demolish it and make them get easy loot.
Supercell wants people to try harder and keep being “into the game”, and
play more. 

I swear I made a big mistake in clash I downloaded the game then played for
a week or so then I got bored soon I downloaded it again and I still got
bored I just upgraded my town hall without maxing out my stuff which sucks
because I lost tons of my loot because of defenses and now I’m maxing stuff
out (since I got town hall level 5) but now I am struggling to get good
loot in raids and now my walls are a big problem too someone please help me
or tell me what to do now

One thing I would extremely like is war organization. What if the leader
and co leaders can pick who can participate in war and all members should
have an option to not participate in war instead of leaving and joining
back. There are inexperienced people in my clan and I don’t want them to
make the clan lose war. Please like if you agree so maybe supercell can see

About the loot thing, it is if you are townhall 10 and getting 150k loot
its because you’re low in cups. If it was that you got more loot from lower
townhall people, they would loose everything because a high level guy would
just destroy the base.

I dont see the problem, but if i was townhall 6 and a townhall 10 just came
and fucked me up with lvl 5 pekkas and took all my resources i would be
pretty mad. So i like that the high lvl people get less loot from low lvl


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Love the videos.
I’m currently Town hall 6 having full gold and elixir waiting for workers
to upgrade all my Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. It will take me ~2
weeks… Is it worth it? Or should I start Upgrading the town hall to level
7 and leave the elixir collectors and gold mines at the level 8 and 9? I
have only 3 workers… so it takes a lot of time…(2-3 days each).

If supercell didn’t have the loot penalty, then higher town halls would
just be able to steam roll lower bases and constantly steal all of their
resources, leaving the lower levels to probably get demoralized, and not
want to continue playing. While it isn’t fair to higher levels, lower
levels nearly need this penalty.

Go on your th9 and go to 1550-1600 the loot is frickin insane I get 400k
raids work 2k+ de raids within 1 minute of searching

Here’s the loot penalty calculator, depending on what level Town Hall you

Same or higher level – 100% of available loot
1 level lower – 90% 100% of available loot
2 levels lower – 50% 100% of available loot
3 levels lower – 25% 100% of available loot
4 or more levels lower – 5% 100% of available loot

I said 10% in the video for 3 levels lower, woops… Still demoralizing
that if I was a Town Hall 10 I would’ve only gotten ~240,000 resources from
that first raid that had 950,000!