Episode 34 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, giving my best attack and defense strategies along the way. ——————————————-…

Seriously, I made a second account less than 2 months ago and I’m almost
max th7, quit milking this shit. I never watch these but just checked to
see how you were on EPISODE 34. 

Patrick is such a horrible commentator, he using that gay as phrase he says
in every video. “Gold storages are going downnnn” you know what is going
down? You subs. Plus you can prerecord videos for you subs to watch but
your ass doesn’t care you just leave us with nothing

Pat, youre a great YouTuber but if you want to stay committed then post
more often, you did a video a couple weeks back saying sorry for not
posting and you said you’d post 1-2 a day but you literally stayed on that
schedule for 3 days then it was 3-4 days with no vids…. i’ve heard you at
least 10 times in the past 2 months saying sorry for not uploading often,
if you’re sorry for not uploading then fucking upload and quit telling us
you’re busy or couldn’t post… every other youtuber does it.. you can too
its the same process every week.. on apology video followed by a bunch of
promises you never keep.. 

Why is this fan base so salty all the fucking time. So what he made one
mistake attacking the mines who the fuck cares.

sorry to say, your commentating might be good, but your knowledge about
clash really has me cringing, like when you obviously don’t understand
where most of the loot is… Just thought you’d be a little more
professional seeing you have over a MILLION subscribers…

+PlayClashOfClans Please see this!! My friend is OBSESSED with u and he

hey pat, just in case u did not notice.

to tell if the collectors have resources in them or not, you dont need to
look at the storages

if you look at the elixer collecter its has a certain amount of the elixer
inside of it. if it is filled there is a lot of loot in it. this is the
most obvious.

if you look at the gold mine next to the cart of gold there is a little box
that shows about how much gold is in the gold mine

for the dark elixer drill there is a little prism at the top of the

Finally, i would like to point out that the higher the collector level, the
more loot.
credits to +talha ahmer

hope this helps

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Hey guys. I know this topic has already been mentioned many times in this
comment section… and I did also mention something similar to this a
couple episodes back, which ended up getting a lot of replies. Let me make
this clear: I’m only here to help and express my opinion. I do not want
another war… Thank you.

Okay, so about the second raid, Chief Pat mentioned that there may have
been a bit of gold in the mines, and that turned out not to be the case. In
previous episodes, Chief Pat has talked about being able to identify where
the majority of the loot is from the elixir collectors. The state of the
elixir collectors do not necessarily reflect the amount of gold in the gold

Most people know this already, but to identify the amount of loot in the
elixir collectors, you just need look at the main body of it. If it is
filled with pink/purple, then there is a lot of elixir in there (also
depends on the level… If Level 1, not so much. Opposite for Level 11/12)
If the body has hardly anything, then chances are, there’s not much in

For Gold Mines, you can identify the amount of gold by looking at the
fenced off area on the right. If it is over-piling with gold, then there’s
a lot… If not, then there’s barely anything (which applies to the gold
mines in Chief Pat’s second raid) This is obviously also level dependant.

For Dark Elixir drills, you can identify the amount of DE by looking at the
small cubic storage on the top of the drill, behind the drill itself. Once
again, level dependant.

Some of u guys may be thinking I’m stating the obvious, but that’s because
you’re experienced farmers. If that’s the case, then good on you =) If you
guys didn’t know this, then the more you know! =D Good luck with your
future farming! I just wanted to let the newer clashers know about this, or
in general, let those who didn’t know prior to reading this, know about
this XD

Last thing, for those who think that Chief Pat doesn’t know about the gold
mines deal because he gems too much, honestly, you guys need to look before
you leap. Do not immediately insult others or stand against them with a
weak argument. Chief Pat has been farming since the beginning of Clash…
Also, I think that back in his day (and my day XD), mines and collectors
did not show their capacity by appearance, so we had to guess… I can’t
remember for sure, but I think that was the case. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Keep up the great videos, Pat! ;D Don’t let the haters bring you down!
Hopefully you will let these new Clashers know about this small, but
helpful tip, in the future (if you did end up bother reading all this…

can’t find any loot. I’m almost maxed town hall 8 with Max troops (except
dark troops) so, someone give me a good trophy range for loot? thanks

Hey chief, why don’t you make heal spells instead of having useless
lighting spells ?? This could save your troops !

I have probably asked this millions of times but I really can’t find loot,
so can u guys give me a league and trophy range to farm im lvl 70 th8

what is a good trophie range for farming since i need to search 30 minutes
to find a base

Anyone heard of the new YouTube karma system? Liking comments gets 25
karma, and every 10000 karma you get a reward, like free gift cards!!

2nd attack
Storages: filled to the max
mines: empty

ehmm i thought most gold would be in the mines….
are you fucking kidding me?