My Best Town Hall Level 5 Defencive Strategy – The video is a speed build from the start – Unbeatable Town Hall System – Perfect for clan wars, Trophy Base, …

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

This base SUCKS I’m currently using it, and its GARBAGE! I always lose, I’m
currently looking for a good TH5 base cause this sucks

It isnt really good my defence lost all the battles even tho the opponent
wasnt able to 3star this base they can at least 1 star or 2star it

Are you serious? I don’t want to seem like a jerk, but you could at LEAST
give credit to Thrill for stealing his base design. If you had (or have) an
original base design, I’m sure that you would want someone to give you
credit if they used your design in a video.

This ia crap, the air defense is just tossed outside, it can easily be
destroyed. Then after that, you’ll gonna get mauled by balloons

The mortar is well protected and it’s clear to see the benefits of using
this layout, but being a self-proclaimed “noob” why name the video ‘best
town hall 5 defence strategy’?

Masterov last time you said we could play pvz so would you do a open lobby
with subs on 360