Step By Step GuideAwesome easy hack / glitch to get level five troops in clash of clans!!! This is a cheat for getting level 5 Troops with only a level 3 lab…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Yeaaaa thanks it works. I have a level 5 laboratory and tried with the
archers and it gave me 6 not 4. THANKS!!!!!!!

i remember this i got lvl 5 archers when i was th7 and lvl 5 barbarians at
th7 too but it is patched

O my god it worked instead of getting lvl 5 I got lvl 6 and I am town hall
lvl 4 yes!!!!!!!!

noteworthy? how do you do that animation thing that goes “hogagagaga” and
shows noteworthygames?

Do u wait right when the upgrade is done??? Can this work with labratory
level 5 because u said u could uprgade to lvl 3 or 4 so u need lvl 5 to get
lvl 4 archers… PLZ REPLY THx I was confused :(