Battles at 0:18, 2:43, 7:47, 12:16, 15:25, there is a playlist link in the “Read More” with a guide on how I get free gems in the game! ———————…

I can never find these bases. I only find max 200k and I’m at town hall 7.
AND when I find one, they got everything in the storages, that are well

If your shield is up, is it worth it to break your shield by trying to
attack farm?

This dudes voice is so fucken annoying, so croaky. Fuck, like the videos,
hate your voice

sorry but you are a liar! you said, you have never spent a dollar in this
game, and u already got 5 builders! how come!

any1 wanna join my clan we don’t care who joins as long as you take part by
donating troops and trying your best on clan wars anyone is welcome the
clan is called TeamVortex please join.

Sorry but your “Strategy” is absolutly bullshit i lost over 200 trophies
and it works maybe by a village with max. 900 trophies the Other Are too
strong with that 

I just tested that site:
*getclashgems. com.*
And it worked fine, and i think the limit is up to 999.999gems.

My first 2 raids tonight were my first ever with barb king. Both were 600k+
resources and on the second one my healers were left untouched so my barb
king took NO damage. TH7 is fun

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