Clash of Clans Attacks and present another exciting NEW, LIVE attack episode! Special thanks for helping make Clash of Clans Attacks one of the fastest growing Clash…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

I preferred the old intro, the new intro seems a lot less “smooth” and not
as professional. But that’s just my opinion, not hating or anything, not
sure if anyone else feels the same?

I like the old intro better. Hehe. But as usual, fantastic vid, Galadon!
:-) The queen has been so stubborn since the update. Haha!

I’m dont sure about this new intro..
It’s seems to me too much long
but until then, remember-

Hey Galadon, great attacks in this video. You may remember visiting my
clan, DE Disciples! We loved having you visit, but I forgot to ask you:
What is the best gowipe army at town hall 8 in your opinion? I use 2
golems, 2 pekka, 14 wizards, 1 dragon and 5 archers in my castle, 14 wall
breakers, a couple barbarians, 2 rage spells, and 1 lightning spells

Hey galadon, you are the best clash of clans youtuber. I always watch your
new videos everyday, and they also inspire many people including me. Your
videos just take off my daily stress everyday. Keep up the good work! And
the live wars the best. Hope to see clan war attacks soon

I love most that u reply to alot of the comments but its gonna suck when us
early subscribers will not be able to contact you as much when your a
really BIG youtuber which i know will happen

Liked the old music better, but I liked the new touch to the intro as well

I’m curious why you weren’t in a clan during the first attack. Great video
anyways Galadon! Can’t wait ’til Peter comes back.

I’ve noticed a lot of these high level villages put one mortar on the
outside of their walls, why do they do that?