hey guys this is slimmyshank, i make clash of clans videos every 2-3 days on strategies or game plays or what ever you guys want me to do i even do base reviews for the clan i run cinematic…

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Imma lvl 77 getting witches in 7 days wondering how am i gonna be able to
properly use them :) bids loading though \:

hey i am town hall level six and i use 10 wiz 5 wall breakers and 85 level
3 barbs and wiz is also level 3. do u think that is a good attack force?

Umm yeah. You use the witch. It spawns the skeletons and you arent placing
skeletons you are placing witches. And btw a lot of other people used the
exact strategy so its not “a strategy no one has ever used before” 

U didn’t create the Golem Witch and Wizards when people say they use the
GOWIWI There talking about golems witch and wizards Unsubscribe

Man kid your bad this strategy was made long ago. You csnt steal strats
from othrr high clashers

The GoWiWi strategy is a know strategy through out CoC! Im pretty sure you
didnt invent it but nice any way