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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

hey daddy ur barbs and archers strategy is so effective and it really
helped me a lot and thnx ­čśë for tht and I wanna see ur new video on how
to get dark elixir for th lvl7 plsand I like ur videos´╗┐

I’m sure there’s software that can record straight from the screen. Might
help you out.´╗┐

When using the bam strategy the minions are your main troop you use the
archers and barbs to take out the outside defense and then send in your
minions to take out the inside with rage spells´╗┐

I use 50 archers 6 giants 6 wbs and the rest goblins for a 200 space army
with a couple of heal spells for the gobs to stop the wiz tower and mortar.´╗┐

I rather the BAG strategy.Replace my minions with goblins. Of course this
is for earlier bases and such´╗┐

Try this new troops strategy i just thought of this whilst watching your
vid its called. VAG, Valkyries archers and golems first place the golems
then the Valkyries Whitchurch act as wall breakers then archers to arch
over the walls please try sorry if its just a waste of time sincerely Tom
preedy. My COC name is Tom preedy and my clan is squad 7 TGP´╗┐

Hey people who watch coc if you like these vids then go to
kirkdoesclashofclans for daily episodes´╗┐