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LOLOLOL just 178 dark elxir im in th8 and i steal like 60k of de and i have
my king on lvl 4 and i didn’t make any dark troops and i have 2 drills so
they give me like 10k so my total dark elxir is 70k 55k for the king and i
don’t want to lie so 5k to dark troops and
…………………………………………………….10k stolen xD

Sorry to hear that ppl have been hating, if you hate him so much go throw
ur hate in the bin, nobody cares.

Oh Ive raided enough dark elixir to get my BK to 5th level at TH7
There is more dark elixir in 12000-1300 range

Hey Master_Ov great video I always love watching your longer videos. I
think that it is awesome that you also hit 500k great job man I love your
videos. I really hoope you see this man :) Congrats.

I’ seen your clan i would love to come but i have only 1733 cups and i need
1800 to come i level 55 but i need to be level 90 can you leet mi come

does it take that long to farm dark? Im just wondering because i got my
king in like a day and half. I was in gold 3 though. Maybe go to the gold
league to farm much more dark.

He’s not turning them off becus of spam, he’s doin it cus he’s such a pussy
he can’t read the hate comments

Ov ive beeb trying to join your troll clan and I have the 2000 trophies
required but it says I dont have enough trophies….

Ov not a problem,But everythimes I search for about 2 hours I still can’t
find a base more than 200k Which is pretty weak

ATTENTION! So after this weekend I will be turning off ‘All Comments
Accepted’ and I will be selecting comments to display in the comment
section. (Like Pewdiepie does) The reason for this is a couple of people
have apparently fell for the ‘FREE GEM HACK GEM9999’ Comments which are a
scam. To stop this and protect viewers, I will be selecting comments for a
bit to get those scammers / trolls / hackers away from the channel, and
away from other clashers :) But keep commenting as I read them all and will
still respond! 😀