Clash Of Clans Attacks brings you Episode 14 in the ‘Let’s Play Clash Of Clans Together’ series! Town Hall 8 strategy in Clash! FREE Gems in Clash of Clans: Subscribe…

Town Halls 7 & 8 (70+) who are looking for a war clan. Please feel free to
join a clan I started #RPPVYY called “War Phoenix.” Thanks! 

For next update…
1 ) upgrade walls at level 8 with elixir.
2 )new troop not a dark barrack
3 )clan war tournament
4 )give back troops what survived in attacks
5 )Faster/easier ways to get gems like spinning something?
6 )2 leaders
6 ) chat for co leaders
7 )to see if clan mate is online or offline
8 )leader choose who goes to clan
9 )You can make your own flag
10 )more ways for people to join clans
11 )You can change your clan name for like 100 k gold
12 )Lesser upgrading time
14 )More people in clans
15 )Something do with the water/clouds on your base
16 )Be able to delete Mesassge
17 )To have a chat in global were people don’t spam you to join there clan
18 ) A night mode
19 )Change the weather and make it rain from time to time.
20 )4 minute wizards


Hi Galadon! I have a question………. Are you gonna show your base and
profile for every episode……. i deleted the game, but I still want to
know how you’re doing.

hey galadon, can u show us the difference between lava hound level 1 and 3
in single player map, i really wanna know how much longer the max one will
survive, does it worth to upgrade or no, thanks

Hey Galadon, my clan name is #CanadianChamps with max people can you
review my base for lower level people? It’s only a Town Hall 4 though

Yo gallydon i have 3245 trophies 165 stars on multi and town hall 10 i was
wondering if i could join your clan if say no i understand.

Galadon, i’m a TH 8 and i nearly had a 3-star on a TH 9 (pretty good
upgraded), there was 2 builder huts left and my troops didn’t have enough
time, i used balloonion and not only i got nearly a 3-star i also got a lot
of loot, i thought you might put the attack in a video of yours, if not,
i’m ok with it, i just thought that you might show how good i am in clash
of clans and i could get some more people who would watch my videos, that
might not work but anyways, it would show how good i am, my clan is called
LoL in clash.

Thank you for reading. :)

Galadon!! Got a few things to say, we (a Dutch clan with a lot of th8,7 a
few th 9,10 and some alts) are winning almost every clan war with the
following strategy. Every member attacks in the beginning of the war his
number +5 (so, 15 attacks 20, 17 attacks 22) and have to get 3 stars. If
not the second attacks will get the a 3 star. The key is to really 3 star
all of the lower bases and only worry about the best 5 if al the other
bases r 3 starred. This helps us getting 100-110 stars with 40 members.
Even though i dont think it is as powerfull in a TH 8 only clan, you could
try it!

And do you have a specific date when CFA for android comes out??

Is the clan ever going to have open slots again?? Im a max th8 and really
good with gowipe I would love to do a war with you guys. 

GREAT video Galadon! love ur content and i watch ur vids every day :D, i
watch videos in the mornig so they can make my day :P, oh yea thanks for
the new app cash for apps i would use it but i use android sorry bout that
:( anyway GREAT job and keep it up FULL ATTACK!

Hey Galadon,
First of all sry for my Bad english im from Germany..
So i look your Vids since July 2014 but i havent a yt Account but now i
have one and there are a few things i Must Said. Youre my absolutly
favourite coc yter!! You arent Conceited or arrogant ! you have OVER 400k
subscriber and real ALL youre comments. You have all of my Respekt for
that. And beside of that you make great Videos :) And you bring every das
Videos only for US! And you earn a big THANK YOU .

Is it me or does the defending barbarian king get Grounded x-bow range when
hogs are on the base because that replay showed him leaving his alter
across the base 

I’m lvl 71 and town hall8. And very active and I’m looking for a really
good war clan. 60+